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mythology meme  ─  [1/10] books based on mythology

Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold is a 1956 novel by C. S. Lewis. It is a retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche, which had haunted Lewis all his life, and which is itself based on a chapter of The Golden Ass of Apuleius. The first part of the book is written from the perspective of Psyche’s older sister Orual, as an accusation against the gods. The book is set in the fictional kingdom of Glome. The people of the primitive city-state of Glome have occasional contact with civilized Hellenistic Greece. This was his last novel; he considered it his most mature, written in conjunction with his wife, Joy Davidman.


Smoke in Moscow

(*I really-really-really love this video, please watch it. It was shot during a very hot summer when there were intense forest fires in Moscow region, resulting in smoke drowning the city, forcing people to wear masks, and creating an unforgettable ghostly image)


sometimes I like to pretend I’m a Wes Anderson character

Vincenzo Vela c. 1861-1862

Italy Grateful to France (detail)


This is Agafia Lykov. Agafia has been living in Siberia’s taiga (Sayan mountains) her entire life. She is now 70 years old. Her, her parents and her older siblings lived untouched by outside communications for 40 years, until found by a group of Russian geologists in 1978. Agafia also has also cared for Yerofei, an amputee’d geologist for the past 16 years. Her story is incredible. I just finished a VICE documentary on her, which you can view here. I highly recommend it. 

Reading, watching, learning about Agafia has only solidified my insoluble desire to live as one in the wild, although perhaps somewhere not as extreme as Siberia, ha ha. 


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I love the past ‘cuz I hate suspense

Diane Young // Jade