and the sea will rage

“Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up some water, looking at the cup and claiming there are no whales in the ocean.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson in response to Aliens can’t exist because we haven’t found them yet”   (via corvidae-and-crossroads)

Title: About Today
Artist: The National
Album: Cherry Tree
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How close am I to losing you?


The X Files Season Two GifFest                 
The X Files -
2x17 - 'End Game'


REACH OUT (SLEEPY). a playlist. [listen here]

For gazing at the sky, when thoughts turn into dreams

i. Love Lost The Temper Trap | ii. The Devil’s Tears Angus & Julia Stone | iii. To Build a Home The Cinematic Orchestra | iv. Let Her Go Passenger | v. 1957 Milo Greene | vi. Youth Daughter | vii. Featherstone The Paper Kites | viii. Sweet Disposition The Temper Trap